Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Black Man Murdered by neo-Nazi's in Cold Blood

In 2009, it is not uncommon to hear the mantra of "racism is gone" uttered as whites reminisce and reflect upon "those days, back then" and pat themselves on the back for having so benevolently and altruistically changed their ways and "stopped being racist". It's also not uncommon to hear African-Americans complement those truths so worth celebrating saying, "things haven't been racist since Dr. King died" and other such sagacious, thoughtful statements.

Unfortunately, anyone who feels that racism has been eradicated is either uneducated, blind, mentally retarted, or perhaps a combination of the three, because everyday life in America demonstrates to us that racism is as alive and well as it has ever been. Furthermore, one must understand that eradicating racism isn't about ensuring that people don't go around calling others "niggers" on account of their skin color and cultural affiliation. It's about restructuring the government, economy, and social attitudes of the United States which were all originally constructed and desgined to benefit white people the expense of other races, especially black people, and still unfairly benefit white people today.

The improvements and strides made since the Civil Rights movements are largely superficial and really don't have a lot of depth as far as efficaciously and effectively solving the problem of racism in the United States. We may have elected Barack Obama, but seeing as Barack Obama's campaign was funded by white Americans who sought to employ someone who would advance their white power agenda and was supported by a media that also advances this white power agenda and always depicts blacks as miscreants, social deviants, and social parasites, we cannot cite the election of a mixed-race President whose policies and approaches only serve to further advance this white supremacist power strucuture as evidence that the beast that is racism has been slayed.

Anyway, on a more superficial level blacks still have to worry about white Americans attacking them and murdering them on account of both their aesthetic and cultural qualities. In October of 2009, Anthony Rice was a victim of intentional vehicular homicide when neo-Nazi skinheads affiliated with the City Nights strip club tasered him and his brother, threw stones at him, and capped off their racist assault by hopping in a truck, driving after him, and brutally running him over.

Being a 98% African-American jurisdiction, East St. Louis wouldn't be the most likely of places to harbor a white-only strip club. City Nights defies that assumption. Further, considering that the city has legislation in the books barring "sexually-explicit businesses" from holding liquor licenses, it's a wonder how City Nights managed to defy two legal obstacles.

Anthony was out with his brother, Aubrey, celebrating the birthday of the latter when they were enticed by neon-signs flashing, "Beer" and "Hot Girls". They didn't observe any "White Only" signs and henceforth had no cognizance of the threat that loomed ahead:

"The Rice brothers were turned away at the door and taunted with racial comments by the manager at City Nights and club bouncers who attacked them with tasers." The son of Woodrow and Gail Allen, owners of the club, was a Nazi skinhead, featuring a tattoo on his neck, who then, Taser in hand, chased the brothers from the front of the club and proceeded to get inside of his truck and barbarically run Anthony Rice over.

East St. Louis mayor Alvin Parks Jr. did move to close the bar on the same night that the murder occured but would not definitively state that the murder was an act of racial prejudice. Its evident that his adminstration and his poor leadership permitted this travesty of law to take place at all. Obviously Mayor Parks did not enforce his law and did not thoroughly examine all "sexually-explicit" institutions to make their their operations were in accordance with legislation. Poor black leadership yet again.

The occurrence of this situation demonstrates that a black man can still be a victim of racial violence anywhere in the United States. Even in such a municipality where nearly 100% of the residents are black people, whites will still find a way to inflitrate and express their bitter animus through violent mediums. Blacks, guilty of nothing, demonstrating no hatred or hostility, and having never found themselves resorting to violence against whites to vent their frustrations, which are many, are still killed in cold blood, ran over, because of who they are. Two African-American males, having absolutely no clue as to what they were getting themselves into, got themselves into a whole lot of trouble although they transgressed against no one and did no injustice to anyone, and one of them paid the price with their life. That's the price of being black in America.

Sounds like the history of America.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Significance of Fortifying the Educational System in Black Communities

The states of enervation witnessed in other facets of black society, including in areas of business, familial development, etc, are critically congruent with the state of enervation witnessed in education system. The education system in the black community has been renowned for its inefficacy and its inability to inculcate into the black child and adolescent the proper values and enlightenment essential to developing and sustaining an empowered community. This broken educational system that has been entrusted with the duty of edifying our youth with the proper knowledge essential to black empowerment has failed miserably, as witnessed with the low college enrollment rates, graduation rates, and graduate school admissions rates. A system unable to enrich the future generations will breed children bereft of a sense of collective belonging to an ethnic group and henceforth fosters the growth of adults who will possess no grasp of the significance of economic empowerment, intraracial exclusivity and consonance, and general understanding of the magnitude of the contemporary black plight and means of remedying this plight.

It is the unstated goal of those agents of the white supremacist power structure to assert that the cause for such common academic underperformance amongst blacks is attributable innate ineptitude. In 2005, the mean composite mathematic and critical reading score on the Scholastic Apititude Test for African-Americans was just 864, compared with 930 for Hispanics, 1068 for white Americans, and 1091 for Asian Americans. In context of both the historical de jure and de facto denial of education to African-Americans (which today exists in the ongoing denial of access to equal educational opportunities, witnessed in underdeveloped educational systems in black communities) the reason for black underperformance can be understood. While it is critical to identify the cause of such far-reaching predicaments, simple identification of the problem is insufficient and is not a means for excusing oneself from seeking a solution to the existing problem. The legacy of racism intrinsic to Euro-American culture has ensured the continuation of black underdevelopment and social retardation. Anyone who calls themself a devotee to the cause of black self-empowerment should have this quotation engraved upon their grey matter structures. Still, while the white power structure may stand as the culprit in the cause of black educational impoverishment the black community cannot expect the white power structure to, at least not single-handedly (and on its own initiative), eradicate this problem. One cannot expect the white to actively lobby on behalf of the socially atrophied black community because, in their eyes, it would be to undermine their hegemonic establishment. It is the duty of the black to mobilize and formulate a solution to this societal deficiency.

One of the first and foremost reasons for the inefficacy of the Western educational system (for all practical purposes we will, from this point forward, reference the educational system in the black community as the "Western educational system" since the philosophies, techinques, and information taught are all Western in perspective and only "black" in the sense that they are rendered inchoate for distribution in the black community) is its being "Western" and Eurocentric in perspective. The children of the black community are educated in a system established, operated, and influenced (in terms of development of text books, methods of academic administration, and educational resources) almost exclusively by white Americans---the same ethnic group largely responsible for the plight we are in today. Given the lack of regard historically expressed by such a culture it cannot be expected that such a system will have the best interest of the oppressed group at heart. It does not take strong reasoning to figure this. To effect change in the Western educational system of black America will require a concentrated effort on the part of black Americans to 1) utlize government to enact legislation that will support equal distribution of tax dollars to ALL public schools as opposed to the current racist, conservative system that allows wealthy white communities to retain their tax dollars and forces poor black communities to scrape for change to keep schools open, 2) petition schoolboards, textbook publishers, and those involved in the education system to jettison the current Eurocentric cirriculum taught in black communities and incorporate knowledge of black civlizations, languages, and contributions to society AND the instruction of their ideas, and 3) develop independent community-oriented programs to act as a secondary supplement to educational instruction (in the form of afterschool and daycare programs) AS WELL AS programs designed to free current instructors of indoctrination and edify these beacons of knowledge as to the proper and effective ways of educating young black students, encouraging them to have pride in their blackness and Africanness, and encouraging them to pledge devotion to the value of building and maintaining the black community.

The goal of the contemporary American educational system is to sustain white hegemonic control over the United States, the remainder of the Western world, and the remainder of the "third world". The effort of white Americans, particularly conservatives, to oppose "socializing" America is nothing more than an effort at sustaining racial control over black Americans, who they seek to prevent from obtaining any benefits from social programs whatsoever. As difficult and arduous a journey as it has been to enact healthcare reform for the better good of black people (and poorer Americans) it would be even more challenging to nationalize educational standards and equally allocate tax dollars to poorer black communities as well as wealthier white communities. The impoverishment witnessed in the black community has been attributed to the unjust denial of myriad rights---employment, suffrage, housing, economic establishment (such as the ability to buy/sell land and real estate), and education---and yet for blacks to empower themselves and their communities, this most critical area that requires drastic restructuring and reform cannot be improved because blacks, denizens of a society that has been collectively disadvantaged by an oppressive white society and henceforth unable to accrue wealth to create those critical tax dollars for black public schools, receive so little funding to support the proper and efficicent operation of those educational systems. A curcuitous pattern exists---a system that cannot train professionals to acquire wealth cannot put forth the tax dollars to establish or sustain a progressive community. A system that cannot train teachers and indoctrinate them with imperative values pertinent to those individuals that they teach will never inculcate the community with understanding and cultural strength. It is an ongoing cycle that MUST be broken.

Structural racism rendered the black community unable to see the value of educaton. The Western education system traditionally never afforded the proper opportunties to blacks and henceforth to bother pursuing those opportunities was seen as a lost cause. In 1930, an African-American with a Harvard degree had almost no better a chance at success than a black without a high school degree. Times have changed and so must the black collective attitude towards education. Blacks must now begin to understand that education is indeed valuable but we must not act as individualists and simply acquire college degrees and only to assimilate into the white world. Educated black professionals must use their educational skills to support and fortify the black community.

The conscious black must be a pragmatist. We must apply practical means towards solving our community problems. We must take tangible and corporeal means towards effecting change in our community. As members of a mostly democratic government we must voice our concerns, we must stand up, we must let our cries be heard to the powers that be. They must know that we will not stand for injustice and inequality anymore. It is no longer tolerable for blacks, at the end of 2009, to still be so far behind other races who seek to conquer us and determine our fate. We cannot expect others to help us! They never have. They never will. WE are the only ones who can bring about the change that will save our people and Africa.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Magnitude of the Movement

A certain incident transpired that caused me to reminisce of the words of the late great John Henrik Clarke, one of the greatest warriors our people has yet seen. In his remarks he made only made a brief allusion. This allusion pertained to Malcolm X and the astounding power of his leadership. Malcolm X had a charisma and demeanor that had not yet been seen amongst our people since their arrival in the New World. His assertiveness, his eloquence, and his wisdom were those that can only be bestowed by holy powers. His stature (both physical and spiritual) was great. Malcolm X had the charisma, fortitude, and power that could match the greatness of the Pharaohs. Essentially, Dr. Clarke mentioned our people's inability to realize the signifiance of the impetus that motivates and sustains, not just the leader, but themselves. We attached our passion and devotion and reasons for our commitment to our racial cause to Malcolm X rather than to the essential principles and ideas he promulgated and sought to implement in our community. Dr. Clarke streesed that it must be understood that for our causes to truly endure, to bequeath longevity upon those causes, we must be able to turn to the next page and continue the struggle long after certain divine representatives and officials have departed us. Malcolm X was one of the greatest representatives in the history of our people but it is what he represented that remains essential and most imperative.

It must be understood that it may not be a death that is responsible for the loss of a cohort with whom we share this common cause. Furthermore, it must be understood that it may not be a particular leader to whom we assign our meaning for partaking in and immersing our souls in the movement. It may be an individual to whom we assign personal significance. No matter what the degree of this significance may be and no matter what the reason may be for the loss of or disconnection from this individual we must remain fixated on the principles and philosophies of the movement. We are slaves to fate, and none else. Fate bestows these leaders and individuals upon us so that we may be enlightened of the plight and struggles of our people and so that we can learn of the truth that will lead us to emerge from this decadence. Whatever passion we may vest in certain individuals essentially belongs to the movement, whether or not the epiphany has found us.

To a particular individual, I wrote:

"The movement is not about any individual. It is not about an alleged personal connection that never existed. It’s a cosmopolitan, universal idea and belief. It’s something that each devotee should carry with them and their conviction in that belief should be strong enough that it not be, not even in the least bit, partly influenced by its connection with any individual. Lest that connection with an individual be severed one’s conviction should endure wholeheartedly, without being subjected to enervation.

You know enough about our seemingly eternal predicament to have awareness of the selflessness that is required for this movement. You are cognizant of what is right and what is wrong. You know what will benefit and what will destroy our people. It is your decision as to which path you will take---because there are only two paths."

This applies to all those of our movement as well as those who contemplate mustering what courage this maganimous endeavor requires.

"History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day…it is also a compass that people use to find themselves on the map of human geography. History tells a people where they have been and what they have been, where they are and what they are. Most important, history tells a people where they still must go…what they still must be. The relationship of history to the people is the same as the relationship of a mother to her child."
-Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Silent Holocaust: The Belgian Genocide of the Congo

In our reflection upon the grand history and innumerable events of humanity’s past we are inevitably forced to once again encounter the horrors and inhuman transgressions that our forebearers have made against others as well as the transgressions that have been made against our forebearers by others. In contemporary history there is perhaps no event more horrid and incomprehensible as the Holocaust. Following the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, his Aryan Ideal was put forth with unforeseen adamancy. To better facilitate the securing of Germany (and eventually continental Europe) for Aryan people, his racial agenda called for the elimination of untermenschen (subhumans), most of whom were, in Germany, Jewish people. Over the duration of World War II (and preceding this conflict) Hitler and his Aryan henchmen facilitated the mass elimination of nearly 6 million Jews. In addition to this, 4 million Slavs, Poles, and rarer minorities such as blacks were systematically eliminated. While the Jews were obviously not the only victims of the Holocaust or the mass German onslaught against those they deemed enemies and inferiors, the incessant memorials to this heinous and savage crime have characterized this event as one that has solely affected Jews. The term “Holocaust” has become effectively synonymized with “Genocide of Jews” although this is highly inaccurate and extremely disrespectful to those of other faiths and ethnicities who also died at the hands of the Nazis, the label “untermenschen” seared into their corpses.

One may often wonder why the plight of the Jewish people has become so well known, so mourned over, and so thoroughly impressed into the global collective consciousness. Why have so many, even the ancestors of those who perpetrated the heinous acts against the Jewish people, shuddered at mere thoughts and reflections of the brutality and callousness expressed by the German people towards their scorned Jewish enemies? And why is it that the innumerable casualties of Africans, Native Americans, Asians, and virtually all non-white ethnic groups of the world are deemed unworthy of tears, mourning, and remembrance. For them, a mere “sorry” must suffice for the tens of millions they lost, and the plight and suffering of their ancestors is merely swept under the rug, cast into oblivion---forgotten. While our school textbooks devote entire chapters to the subject of Jewish suffering, especially the Holocaust, other genocides, such as that of the Congolese, have not merited even paragraphs.

In the West, they never fail to remind us of the plight of the Jews and the extreme, gory adversity that they have ostensibly endured throughout the history of man. Holocaust memorials are erected, dates are observed, reparation money is distributed to the victims and their descendants, nations are commandeered and offered as polite compensation. As for the memory of the millions of blacks who died en route in the Atlantic Slave Trade (not to mention their brethren who died either tilling fields or being beaten to their demise), the millions of Native Americans who died throughout the Americas after the arrival of Europeans, and the millions who died at the hands of European colonialists in Africa, there is no memory. There has been no effort to mitigate the residual effects of the atrocious acts, no effort to appease the disturbed and restless spirits of those wronged. Memorials are few, acknowledgment is scant, and nowhere are apologies to be found. “It wasn’t me who did it---it was those people back then.”

During the mid-19th century the infamous Scramble for Africa was at its pinnacle. Every European superpower that was anything readily and enthusiastically partook in military conquest of African nations. Though several sovereign African states proved themselves formidable and presented valiant reciprocation of European aggression (most notably the Zulu, Asante, Herero, and Ethiopians) most African states succumbed to European belligerence rather easily. European technology, political impetus, and a most rabid and feral type of aggression were simply too much for most Africans to resist. And so, upon Mother Africa, colonialism was imposed with great ardency, and for the first time Africa was under the yoke of Europe. It was unprecedented.

In 1885, King Leopold of Belgium surveyed a map of Africa and tacitly observed the territorial highlights of nations that had been conquered by his continental cohorts. He was less than satisfied at the many possessions of Great Britain, the foremost Empire of the world, as well as those Germany, France, and Italy. Both a sense of envy and consternation overtook him. If Belgium could not conquer African territory then its status as a legitimate European power bastion would be thereby threatened. Before his eyes, all of his rivals were declaring war on African people throughout and acquiring territory, slave labor, and abundant resources. Hell bent on capitalizing off of the violent exploitation, King Leopold appealed at the Berlin Conference of 1885 and was granted the territory that would become the Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). The Congo was unbelievably wealthy---her jungles, soils, and wildlife abounded in rubber, ivory, and minerals. King Leopold’s personal army, the Force Publique, was swept up in a desirous frenzy to acquire this wealth that by 1908, when European powers actually had to retake the Congo from Belgium because of the gross genocide and carnage that had been wrought, it was conservatively estimated that over 10 million Congolese had died. That would be around 50 percent of the Congo’s population, an undoubtedly astounding amount. It is often contested that these estimates are grossly inaccurate and in reality a figure significantly higher than 10 million would be more fitting to account for these gross tragedies.

Like the nations controlled by his relatives, King Leopold II was transfixed upon the idea of white supremacy and white colonial domination. To impose European control upon Africa, they would stop at nothing. King Leopold not only extracted tremendous amounts of wealth from the land and henceforth bolstered the economy of Belgium (as well as his own personal wealth) but he did so through enslavement of almost all of the native populace. To King Leopold, these Africans were “subhumans” and “savages” and “life not worthy of life”. Each and every Congolese soul who perished at his behest was victim to a man who assigned absolutely no value or worth to the lives of Africans. To him, their lives may as well have been nothing---animals exceeded them in significance. King Leopold was a man who believed wholly (and shared this belief with many of his European colonizing cohorts) that the value of white life was infinitely greater than that of a black life. After all, beyond labor or sexual satisfaction, the black life had no true worth.

If the black inhabitants of the Congo were “noble savages” then it is only fair to christen their Belgian masters as “savage nobles”. Though the whites characterized the Africans as primitive, feral, and less than human, closer to simian creature, it was not the Africans who committed savagery and animalistic barbarity upon “cultured” Europeans. King Leopold’s henchmen utilized almost every known form of torture and punishment to murder Congolese people. Congolese were beaten, shot, beheaded, burnt to death, hung, starved, stabbed, impaled, infected with disease, and whipped to death. Those who didn’t die from the cruel punishment often endured lifelong injuries such as castrated genitals, severed limbs, severe burns, loss of eyes, and permanent scars from whips. Those who managed to remain physically unscathed still endured the pain of slave labor and the psychological torment that such an imposing and cruel slavocracy imposed upon them. No man was free from the yoke of King Leopold’s fierce, callous oppression, and every single inhabitant of the Congo was in some great way victim to the bloody subjugation. Contending with more conservative, doctored estimates, some estimate that up to 30 million Congolese perished during the brutal regime of King Leopold II as a direct result of his vicious efforts.

What memorial stands today to honor the millions who died from Belgian subjugation in the Congo? Who is to dictate what tragic transgression is worthy of eternal commemoration and which one should merely be cast into oblivion? As Africans, perhaps we should blame ourselves for not calling for remembrance of these atrocities. Of course the perpetrators and the descendants of the perpetrators are going to try their best to eradicate all memory of these horrid transgressions---in their aversion to altruism, honor, and humanity, they would rather deny responsibility and tarnish the memory of these brave individuals who endured so much but inevitably succumbed, than concede wrongdoing. In a most audacious and affronting statement, Christoph Muzungu, the culture minister for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, advocated the erection of a statue of King Leopold II. Oblivious to the fact that millions upon millions of his countrymen were murdered by this bloodthirsty despot, likely some of them being his familial ancestors, he argued that, “people should see the positive aspects of his rule.” The Congolese people, a bit more aversive to the memory of such a savage tyrant, immediately dismantled the statue within hours of its erection.

Are our ears closed to their never-ending cries and screams and pleas that will forever echo throughout history?

Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters! When will we REMEMBER the plight of our ancestors? Will we remain oblivious and ignorant to their anguish forever? Hear their cries!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bronze Beauty

How may one shine with such radiance?
Exuding the brilliance of all the stars
A display of nature defined by excellence
Crimson magnificence glowing beyond Mars

How audacious that you dare transcend Earth itself
In possession of such natural splendor
Almost criminal you should consider yourself
For in your light, plain she is rendered

Though criminal your act, nature herself makes you fair
Usurper to Natures throne, all submit to your graces
The rains and winds yield readily, none will dare
For in your dominion their love wraps like laces

How the Universe came to revolve around such beauty
How one visage altered the orbits of planets and stars
Black holes opened, if only to absorb the view
The value of this sacred bronze enough to incite wars

A single face has commanded the will of all the world
With Christ-like adulation all follow in obedience
In your benevolence you abound them with jewels and pearls
In your beauty they worship, their swollen hearts need no fence

In your heart and hand, sovereignty must lie
For under the faultless leader, our universe shall follow
Perfect you are---your beauty shall never die
Immortalized you are, words otherwise ring hollow

Pierced is ones heart at the shot of your eyes
For the bearing of your soul encompasses the skies
Though noble and gracious, your heart is so strong
Its very beat quakes the Earth far long

What is it that has infatuated so many?
And enslaved countless souls who crown you Idolized Queen?
The rich bronze, travestied by the simple penny
Your bronze is pure---the purest, most sacred of the Universe

In such a countenance there lies truth
In its purest and most original form
In this visage we can find purity
In this, we will find sanctity

Some beauty is sacred

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Life Truncated: Rest in Peace Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

I was driving from the gym today this afternoon, around 5 o'clock PM. I had my radio tuned to a local station and I was completely taken aback by alleged news of the death of Michael Jackson. When I first heard this, the first thought that arose was, "Is today April Fool's Day?" I promptly realized that it was June.

I do not seek to jump on Michael's bandwagon and portray myself as a devoted or adamant fan of his music. However I have always appreciated his artistic ability---his absolutely unparalleled dancing and singing ability. I must say that I have neither witnessed nor encountered a single artist who could even begin to compare to Michael Jackson in either dancing or singing aptitidue. His gifts were absolutely remarkable and astounding. In his performances he put these gifts to excellent use.

Growing up, Michael Jackson was just sort of an integral aspect of American life that you just, almost from conception and almost innately, knew about. In my childhood we knew everything about Michael Jackson. It wasn't because we harbored any particular adulation or fanatical admiration for him. We just knew him. We knew "Bad", "Thriller", "Smooth Criminal", "Black or White", "Scream" (featuring Janet Jackson), "Billie Jean", "Beat It"---what didn't we know? Thriller? Of COURSE we knew Thriller. Thriller was simply legendary. Michael was a ubiquitous figure, seemingly present in all aspects of pop culture and the media. Michael Jackson was beyond a being, beyond an individual---he was a culture. He transcended superstardom in that he did not simply mold the culture---he became the culture. It is so difficult to fathom what the fate of popular music would have been without his presence. Obviously it would be in a much worse state than it already is.

Michael Jackson led a tempestuous life. He did not voluntarily choose the kismet that was beqeathed upon him. Michael's childhood was the turbulent period that bred an equally turbulent individual who was, because of his environment, rendered uncomfortable with himself. His fame came during his childhood as he led his brothers in the Jackson 5, one of the best-selling artists of the 1970s. Constant practicing of his dancing and singing and cultivation of his performance abilities produced an individual unparalleled in talent and charisma, an individual who combined natural and innate capacities with hard work (though often times against his will) to produce a remarkable performer.

The public domain scrutinized Michael's life and Michael's actions almost obsessively. Actually, "obsessively" is quite an appropriate term---entirely obsessively. For a singer whose best album Thriller sold over 100 million copies, who forever immortalized himself in pop culture with the 14 minute long mini-film music video for the title single from this album, and who topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart an unprecedented 13 times, such public intensity of inquisitiveness was to be expected. A man rendered emotionally sensitive and intolerant by a heavily abusive and tempestuous childhood, Michael simply succumbed to the pressures around him. He was twice put on trial facing child molestation charges. Both times Michael was acquitted. Whether Michael was truly innocent of these charges or used his tremendous pecuniary means to purchase his innocence, we can only ruminate. We do know, however, of Michael's great eccentricities, his idiosyncratic behavior, his addictive drug use, and his outright rejection of his blackness---and how all these factors contributed to his downfall.

Michael suffered from an extreme identity crisis. Joe Jackson, his imperious and most-domineering father, in addition to working him incessantly and bestowing intermittent beatings upon a weary and worn Michael, assigned demoralizing and painful epithets upon his son. "Big nose" he would refer to Michael with some sort of perverse and insensitive type of endearement. From this we can begin to understand not just Michael's identity crisis, but further his image crisis. Michael rejected his blackness---every aspect of it. Michael, from the late 1970s likely until his death, transmogrified his hair, his skin, his nose, and finally his soul from that of a black man into that of, not a white man, but simply a confused man, devoid of a racial or a spiritual identity.

Of all Michael's indecisions and insecure actions, none was so profound as his self-modification. It was the cruelty of Michael's father that made him seek to reject and abdicate his blackness. In all the abuse and dislike and pain that his father administered upon him, he could not seek an attribution or rationale for why he was so despised by his father. "Big nose". He attributed it to this---his appearance. His African nose was transformed first into a European nose and then subsequently into that of perhaps a particularly deformed European. We saw his skin lighten dramatically---allegedly attributed to a sudden case of vitiligo and lupus. We saw his hair unravel and fall into its latest limp state. We saw his lips shrink, we saw the shape of his face change---soon, Michael Jackson was unrecognizable.

Michael was extremely aware. He was always cognizant of his enviornment and surroundings. He lived in a society where not only was the alleged inferiority of his blackness affirmed to him by his own father but it was even more strongly affirmed by the racist society in which he lived. Michael's young childhood transpired at the time of the supposed Civil Rights victories. He was entirely aware of white society and the hostile attitude with which they regarded the supposedly inferior black race. In all the insanity-inducing pressure of his childhood---from hours-long practicing, to bloody beatings, to almost constant touring---Michael could not cope with this extreme curse of blackness (as he may have viewed it). In the American black experience every black person must come to cope with who they are in such a soceity where their very being, their very presence, their very right to exist is questioned in so many subtle ways. Michael was unable to.

It's easy for so many to judge the life of Michael Jackson. "He was a rapist!" "He was odd!" "He did drugs!" "He defaced himself!" I can hear many accusations and harsh claims challenging the integrity of the King of Pop. I say, Michael, that while I have never known you personally I have been well enough acquainted with you through the intimate obsession of the media to know that the pressure that you had to endure everyday as Michael Jackson was extreme and understandably unbearable. Your fame and fortune came at a heavy price.

Earlier I said that Michael endeavored and succeeded in turning his soul from black into something unrecognizable. Well, in reflection I don't think this is true. I feel that while we can mutilate our hair, our faces, and our skins in order to emulate the appearance of white people, it is our black soul that can never ever be changed. It is the unalterable essence of our being, the core of our selves. In Michael Jackson's music, in his dancing, and in his performance he expressed and reveberated the rhythms of our African ancestors. All of Michael Jackson's talents and abilities were born out of Africa, out of the hearts of his enslaved and oppreseed and lynched and beaten and demoralized but NEVER BROKEN ancestors. In Michael Jackson's music he expressed the love, and joy, and excitement that African people have always expressed with such eloquent rhythm and pulchritudinous vocalization. He expressed the same happiness that white oppressors sought to take from us, that they literally sought to beat out of us. No matter how much Michael may have sought to reject his blackness, it was his black soul and his innate black creativity that bought him the fame and worldwide Christ-like adulation with which individuals of every race, faith, creed, political presuasion, and nation, in every crevice, cranny, and corner of the world, regarded him with.

As I retire to bed---I still cannot believe that Michael Jackson has left us. He has departed us. God bless you, Michael. Though talented you were (completely beyond measure), you were a very confused and lonely individual. I feel for you. I hope that God and the ancestors will judge both you and the actions that you committed during your lifetime justly and I hope that they will analyze them in the context of how you were raised and what damaging and unalterable circumstances transpired in your life.

I firmly believe you did much more good for humanity than you ever did bad.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Black Collectivism, Pt. I

Solidarity is essential to the empowerment of the black people. The mighty black race of the future will be a conglomeration of all the myriad nations, tribes, and sub-races that characterize the contemporary black race.

Western control and subjugation of the black race is not as simple an endeavor as one might readily assume. It is not simply a matter of continued racial impariment attributed to residual and lasting effects of enslavement, deprivation of opportunity for economic establishment, deprivation of opportunity for comprehensive education, refusal of voting rights, mass and ubiquitous use of racial violence, and other imperious, tyrannical mechanisms for furthering racial dominance. These more tangible, brutish means were relatively inefficacious in of themselves. They suffocate the physical form but not the spiritual. Though they are brutal and devastating, ultimately these physical obstacles are surmounted by the oppressed. You may beat a man endlessly, but if he knows fortitude then he can never truly be conquered.

If one can manipulate the psyche of a man and inculcate within him a certain philosophy, a certain mode of thought, then no beating is necessary.

It is through deliberate and calculated programming of the vulnerable black psyche that the black man inherently comes to embody and follow the traits and roles expected of him in the Western world.

But programming transcends simply ingraining certain ideas and assumptions pertaining to the individual (and their group), relative to their enviornment, into the collective cultural psyche. Programming is most effective when used to manipulate the sociocultural interactions between sub-races of the greater race. Colloquially we refer to this strategy as "divide and conquer". It is a most classic and unfailing method of seizing control over a specified subject (or populace of subjects).

"Black intraracial inconsonance". This is the illness that afflicts blacks throughout the diaspora. In Africa it manifests itself most acutely in the intertribal, international conflicts that characterize contemporary African culture. Anyone who has seen 2004 film Hotel Rwanda is aware of the most famous example of black-on-black warfare---the conflict between the Hutu and the Tutsi. Close to 1,000,000 black Africans were murdered in this senseless conflict that was born by the malice of Belgian colonialists. Shrewdness (and a malicious sort) more than any other characteristic, distinguishes the European in his dealings with non-white peoples. The usual culprits, racist anthropologists, led the way in setting the foundation for the carnage that was to come. During this era whence the Hutu-Tutsi conflict arose anthroplogists first commenced endorsement of the Hamitic Hypothesis.

The Hamitic Hypothesis is anthropological supposition that in ancient times Caucasians swept into various different parts of Africa and left their cultural and genetic traits upon the countenance of the population. This was a most convenient tool for racists to further promulgate their message of white racial superiority, as any ethnic group in Africa that demonstrated a semblance of resemblance to the supposedly "Caucasian" phenotype, demonstrated some semblance of "sophisticated" culture, or demonstrated some semblance of valor (or any other honorable trait for that matter) was automatically distinguished as Hamitic. Henceforth, their greatness was assumed to be correlated with their whiteness. Although officially the Hamitic Hypothesis is no longer endorsed, its legacy still lives on in anthropologists and in their assessment of certain African ethnic groups, particularly East Africans.

Anthroplogists observed the physical traits of Tutsi and contrasted them with those of the Hutu. The Tutsi exhibited a taller physique and more supposedly "Caucasoid" facial features (longer nose, less prognathism, etc) which was sufficient to merit them classification in the "Hamitic" category. The Hutu were shorter, exhibited more "Negroid" features (wide nose, heavy prognathism, etc) and henceforth were declared racially inferior to the Tutsi. In 1932, official identification cards were issued to distinguish the officially superior Tutsi from the officially inferior Hutu. Thus began the altercation between two nations who had, until then, coexisted in harmony. This is a common tactic in the arousal of intertribal conflicts---some Western power will endorse and support one faction or group at the expense of another thereby instigating violent conflict. Belgium endorsed Tutsi dominance until the Tutsi king was overthrown in 1959.

Now, Belgian support was nowhere to be found.

The Hutu sought to regain their pride and reestablish their humanity through violent reprisals. Rwanada then won independence from Belgium in 1962 and Belgians officially rescinded any acknowledgement of participation in the instigation in this conflict and did not seek to mitigate or settle this violent conflict that they had set in motion. After all, Belgians still had socioeconomic interests in Rwanda and still has business interests set up in that nation. A divided Rwanda was a fecund Rwanda. The Hutu-Tutsi conflict culminated in the 1994 genocide. With the tables now turned, the same racist identification cards that served as badges of superiority for naive Tutsi now served as their death sentences. The Hutu attained dominance and murdered hundreds of thousands of Tutsi and Hutu who sympathized with their cause.

All along, the Hutu and the Tutsi were playing into the hands of a master, nefarious magician who sought the destruction of this fine land and these fine peoples. Instead of recognizing the true enemy and rising up against him, rather they sought to annihalate themselves.

Earlier I stated that use of brute force and outright aggression (by an oppressor against the oppressed) is devastating, but ultimately highly energy-consuming and inefficacious. Its inevitable that the subjugated will rise. He knows his enemy. But if you can modify the psyche of the oppressed peoples and create a conflict wherein the oppressed cannot identify their true enemy (as the Belgians did by creating this idea of superiority in Tutsi's and inferiority in Hutu's, thereby setting off hostility) then the oppressed people are now unconsciously employed by the oppressor as the manifestors of their own oppression. The Belgians installed a system, a doctrine in which the Tutsi (acting on the part of whites) appeared to be the oppressors. The Hutu misidentified them as such and as soon as the Tutsi lost backing of the Belgians, bloody hell ensued.

Tribalism is the scourge of Africa. It is Africa's natural weak link, its own Achilles heel. In Africa there are over 920 million people divided hundreds of ethnic groups (I cannot provide an estimation) speaking over 2,000 languages. Contrast this with psuedo-continent Europe holding 730 million people speaking about 230 languages in 50 countries. Further, Europe is united by a common lingua franca, English, a ubiquitous tongue that Africa cannot boast of. Unity and collectivization are key to empowerment. We must all take pride in the histories and legacies of our individual nations, tribes, faiths, etc---but we must also realize that we will have to sacrifice and compromise at least part of our tribal identites in favor of a greater, cosmopolitan, more universal identity. There must be a unified racial identity that we pledge to and commit to first and foremost, above all other identities. I am black---then I am my tribe, or nation, etc. We must understand that this is the perspective that characterizes the behavior of the Western man in all of his functions and doings. We must realize that our blackness binds us into a common, brutal, seemingly eternal struggle and that we must not seek to escape or deny that blackness, but rather embrace it for the beautiful trait that it is. Blackness is no scarlet letter---it is only in white eyes. I will elaborate upon the significance of unity and solidarty in a later article. It is a philosophical yet practical truth that no people can achieve power without unity.

Anthropology is our greatest culprit in this deliberate and calculated dichotomization of the black race. In "Black Collectivism, Pt. II" we will examine anthropology's significant role in the division of the black people and its use of the Hamitic Hypothesis (or the Hamitic Myth, rather), the study of genetics, and the study of language to bolster its fallacious and racist arguments.

*I am cognizant of the fact that "intraracial" is technically not an actual term. I coined it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

They Hail From the South: The Qustul Censer

There has been no tactic more frequently employed by white academia than the "silent treatment". If any information or artifact arises that is not comptabile with the commonly accepted lies that are promulgated as truth, simply disqualify it. Do not refute it, do not examine it, do not engage---simply treat it as if it does not exist.

Case in point---the Qustul censer. Try googling "Qustul censer" and see what results you get. Hardly any? That's because Western anthropology has not been able to devise a convenient enough answer, excuse, or lie to misconstrue the truth behind this ancient, undeniable icon of black culture. The discovery of (and the archeological dating of) the Qustul censer, excavated by archaeologist Keith C. Seele in 1964, heralded a message proclaimed long ago by ancient historians such as Diodoros Sicilus that, "...the Egyptians are colonists sent out by the Ethiopians*". That such an object was unearthed that could incontrovertibly place the origin of the Ancient Egyptians in Africa (and not Asia or elsewhere) was a thought that inspired great trepidation in academia. The Qustul censer weilded such power and potential that could turn Eurocentricism flat on its back.

In 1962 the Aswan High Dam was due to flood the region where Qustal was located in Nubia. Keith C. Seele organized an emergency team of archaeologists to excavate the areas (Qustal was only one among many). Although initially neglected, Seele decided to give Qustal a brief look before time ran out. He did not disappoint himself. In Qustul, thirty-three tombs were found, twelve being large enough to resemble predynastic Egyptian sarcophagi. Jewelry, pottery, flasks, bowls, and large storage jars were located. The presence of the tombs seemed to imply that some sort of a monarchy existed amongst the Nubians---but anthropologists immediately jettisoned this possibility, stating that no such thing was possible. Egypt had the first monarchy and no others preceded it.

Then, in Tomb L-24 at Qustul, the Qustul censer was discovered.

The Qustul censer is an incense burner depicting three ships sailing toward a serekh (royal palace). In the middle boat a Pharaoh is shown (as archaeologist Bruce Williams discerned) wearing the White Crown of Upper Egypt and is adorned in royal Egyptian regalia. By his crown, a falcon symbol of the god Horus hovers, and in front of the falcon a rosette, an Egyptian royal insignia, is shown. This piece of characteristic Egyptian art was found not in Egypt, but rather 200 miles southward into Nubia. This discovery was mind-boggling. The Qustul censer was dated at 3,300 B.C., long preceding predynastic Egypt.

The evidence was unrefutable. The earliest displays of the Egyptian monarchy and Pharaonic symbols came, not from Egypt, but from the South---Nubia. It should be understood that the censer was no anomaly:

"The Nubian desert, for example, abounded with rock drawings from roughly the same period as the Qustul incense burner, many showing distinctly "Egyptian" themes and symbols. Ivory seals from the A-Group period had been found featuring kingly serekhs. A mud seal impression found at Siali---also dating from the A-Group period---showed a man saluting a serekh surmounted by a falcon.

In the latter inscription, the serekh was actually labeled with a bow---the heiroglyphic emblem for Ta-Seti, Land of the Bow---implying that the man was paying homage to a Nubian state. One bowl from Qustul even showed vultures tearing at a fallen enemy who is labeled with the signs for Ta-Shemau---Upper Egypt---possibly indicating that the Nubians had defeated Upper Egypt in Battle.

Every one of these inscriptions had been found in Nubia. Yet experts had always assumed that they referred to an Egyptian monarchy, rather than a Nubian one. Williams was no longer so sure. The evidence was clear that a powerful dynasty had indeed ruled Ta-Seti in prehistoric times. A count of the royal tombs at Qustul suggested that as many as twelve generations of kings may have been buried there. Why, then, should experts assume that every recognizable symbol of royal authority found in that country would be of foreign origin?"

Western academia, fearing the truth, the black truth, sought to turn a blind eye to the knowledge before them. But after the rebirth of the Qustul spectacle, after the New York Times proclaimed on March 1st, 1979 that, "Evidence of the oldest recognizable monarchy...is expected to stimulate a new appraisal of the origins of civilization in Africa", the Eurocentrics, beat red with anger and humiliation, could restrain themselves no longer.

Heads of the anthropological elite offered naive and feeble rationales and retorts for the Qustul censer. They asserted that the censer was mostly likely an import. The Qustul censer, however, was made of indisputably Nubian stone. That it could be made in Nubia, exported to Egypt, and imported once again back to Nubia was highly improbable. Others exclaimed that Williams was incorrect in his dating of the object, despite the fact that his dating was accurate and conclusive. Yet more, "one scholar actually resorted to the desperate tactic of claiming that the Qustul censer had not really been found in Tomb L-24 [site at Qustul] at all! He claimed that the paper work...had been sloppy." Williams kept detailed and accurate records which were verified (via signature) by other archaeologists accompanying him in his excavations.

And so, today in 2009 little is heard of the Qustul censer. It has been effectively swept under the rug---hidden, forgotten. So much history is vulnerable to being misconstrued in favor of a Eurocentric perspective. But with such a formidable, enduring object as the Qustul censer, there are no lies that can be told. So rather, the "experts" disqualify it by locking it away in a dark, inescapable chamber, thereby imprisoning this relic so that it may never have the opportunity to tell its story.

It sort of makes one ponder why the Arab "Egyptians" were so enthusiastic about flooding this sacred portion of Nubia for their "damn".

Who knows what other sacred black relics lie at the bottom of Lake Nasser.

Recommended Reading: "Black Spark, White Fire" by Allan Poe, book from which excerpts are derived
*The term "Ethiopian" in antiquity largely referred to black Africans from the modern day Sudan area, their capitol being Meroe.

A Black Thought

Black. What is so unfortunate is that so few of us truly know what this means, what this represents, and what this is. In this world, black has been synonymized with ignorance, with inferiority, with animalism. We have fallen victim to the lies and perpetual and pervasive minstrelsy and allowed it to pollute our minds and hearts and even transmogrify us into these caricatures of our true selves. Black has been cast as a shadow of what it truly is.

As an individual descending from the noble children of Africa it is my vested duty and moral obligation to vociferously refute the ubiquitous allegations of inferiority put forth, in so many ways, subtle and direct, against my people by the Western man. The Western man has expressed his contempt in whatever way most convenient, at times concealing his true intent with promulgation of "equality" and "humanity" and at other times displaying his true colors, bearing his vicious fangs as a preying wolf may to the sheep it must devour in order to survive. The Western man will, in the same breath, speak of human equality and brotherhood while so arrogantly assessing and evaluating the capability of blacks in intellectual capacities, cultural development, and will even question our very right to exist upon this Earth. This Earth that the black people have done no wrong to, that we have only sought to fertilize and worship and preserve, this is the venue upon which the white man says that we have accomplished nothing, upon which he implies and insinuates so insidiously that we have no right to exist.

The imperative truth is that the Western man has, since his ascendence the the throne of world dominance, established and retained a firm control over all in his domain---and much outside of it as well. Let us view the power-holders in media, government, academia, business, etc...and let us view their skin color. The ubiquity of white-skinned person's of influence has become (and remained) so prevalent that their rule and authority has come to be recognized by all as simply a state of normalcy. In the eyes of so many, white might is simply right. It is this unconscious maxim, this putatively unalterable law of life that echoes and perpetually reiterates in the psyche's of all denizens of the white mans world. It is this idea that provides the sustenance and fodder necessary to uphold and sustain the continued dominance of the Western man.

Why do we fail to ruminate upon and inquire about the persisting racial heirarchal structure that bounds, to varying degrees, each and every individual in the United States? Why is it that we have come to, not just accept, but embrace its seeming normalcy? America fancies itself as an exemplar of racial equality while schools located in mostly black demographics still cannot begin to match the quality of education in schools in mostly white demographics. America, how can you proclaim yourself equal when such blatant and inexcusable disparity still exists in 2009?

What the Western man hides most virulently is the fact that it is from our black ancestors that he derived his knowledge, that he acquired the tools that enabled him to ascend from the filth and decay that characterized his very being into civilization. It was the Greeks who praised black Africans as "the most beautiful people in the world"; it was Homer, in his "Iliad", who praised blacks as "faultless" and noble enough to feast among the God's; it was Diodorus Siculus who acknowledged and professed blacks as, "the first of all men"and the most virtuous. It was under the wise black sages of Egypt that Greek men learned, not only basic cleanliness and hygiene, and morality, but the disciplines of philosophy, religion, morality, astronomy, geometry, architecture, medicine, writing, and speaking. It was from Africa that all of these philosophies and ideas came, and no where else! But you will never hear a white man profess this because he cannot profess the truth!

The truth defies his very nature.

In creating a new black race and seeking to emerge from this seemingly perpetual Dark Age, this era of decadence (which, since our emergence is inevitable, we shall), it is most important that we possess a firm understanding of our ancestral roots and of the collective efforts of and the cultural accomplishments of these magnificent individuals whom we call our forebearers. In seeking to progress a culture, nothing is so imperative as awareness (and, firm awareness at that) of one's racial genealogy. It is in our history that we locate and unearth the gifts and inspirations that our forebearers, unbeknownst to us, bequeathed upon us at their passing. It is from knowledge of our history that we feed ourselves and form our identity, our character, and our perception of self. Never in any other area has the Western man been so ardent as in denial of our history. History is crucial. The Western man has superseded actual history with nefarious fabricated myths and lies. Our ancestors have left their footprints in every corner of Africa, erecting the pyramids of Kemet, the Black Land (and in her probable predecessor, Sudan), temples in Mali, castles in Ethiopia. Africa, North, South, East, and West is the natural domain and enviornment of the black man. All others who occupy her soil today are intruders and invaders, not natural denizens. It hurts the Western man most that our ancestors left their footprints across Europe, colonizing Greece, building Stonehenge, conquering Spain (both by Hannibal and by the Moors who came long after him), and planting the seeds of civilization that have sprouted the great Western beast that now so ironically seeks to devour and annihalate the very master that is responsible for its existence.

To put forth a black thought is to examine the situation of the white supremacist power structure that underlies virutally all transpirations in the United States and the surrounding buffer states of the Western Empire. It is to understand how this structure was so thoroughly and efficaciously engineered and designed so that it has deliberately rendered the black races in all corners of the world debilitated and lost. To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why is it that implicit bias tests reveal most Caucasians bear a moderate dislike for blacks?" To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why is it that even many of our own black brothers and sisters have a preference for Caucasians?" To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why does the white man obsess over my intelletual abilities or a supposed lack thereof?" To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why has the Western man found it so imperative and crucial to erase the black man from the pages of history, even in the black man's own backyard, with such obsessive fervor?" To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why are all of the nations of my people so impoverished in spite of their vast resources that the West seems to be making great use of?" But thinking black cannot be satisfied by mere philosophizing. Thinking black must be manifested, it must be incarnated.

Here, we shall incarnate...a black thought.