Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Black Thought

Black. What is so unfortunate is that so few of us truly know what this means, what this represents, and what this is. In this world, black has been synonymized with ignorance, with inferiority, with animalism. We have fallen victim to the lies and perpetual and pervasive minstrelsy and allowed it to pollute our minds and hearts and even transmogrify us into these caricatures of our true selves. Black has been cast as a shadow of what it truly is.

As an individual descending from the noble children of Africa it is my vested duty and moral obligation to vociferously refute the ubiquitous allegations of inferiority put forth, in so many ways, subtle and direct, against my people by the Western man. The Western man has expressed his contempt in whatever way most convenient, at times concealing his true intent with promulgation of "equality" and "humanity" and at other times displaying his true colors, bearing his vicious fangs as a preying wolf may to the sheep it must devour in order to survive. The Western man will, in the same breath, speak of human equality and brotherhood while so arrogantly assessing and evaluating the capability of blacks in intellectual capacities, cultural development, and will even question our very right to exist upon this Earth. This Earth that the black people have done no wrong to, that we have only sought to fertilize and worship and preserve, this is the venue upon which the white man says that we have accomplished nothing, upon which he implies and insinuates so insidiously that we have no right to exist.

The imperative truth is that the Western man has, since his ascendence the the throne of world dominance, established and retained a firm control over all in his domain---and much outside of it as well. Let us view the power-holders in media, government, academia, business, etc...and let us view their skin color. The ubiquity of white-skinned person's of influence has become (and remained) so prevalent that their rule and authority has come to be recognized by all as simply a state of normalcy. In the eyes of so many, white might is simply right. It is this unconscious maxim, this putatively unalterable law of life that echoes and perpetually reiterates in the psyche's of all denizens of the white mans world. It is this idea that provides the sustenance and fodder necessary to uphold and sustain the continued dominance of the Western man.

Why do we fail to ruminate upon and inquire about the persisting racial heirarchal structure that bounds, to varying degrees, each and every individual in the United States? Why is it that we have come to, not just accept, but embrace its seeming normalcy? America fancies itself as an exemplar of racial equality while schools located in mostly black demographics still cannot begin to match the quality of education in schools in mostly white demographics. America, how can you proclaim yourself equal when such blatant and inexcusable disparity still exists in 2009?

What the Western man hides most virulently is the fact that it is from our black ancestors that he derived his knowledge, that he acquired the tools that enabled him to ascend from the filth and decay that characterized his very being into civilization. It was the Greeks who praised black Africans as "the most beautiful people in the world"; it was Homer, in his "Iliad", who praised blacks as "faultless" and noble enough to feast among the God's; it was Diodorus Siculus who acknowledged and professed blacks as, "the first of all men"and the most virtuous. It was under the wise black sages of Egypt that Greek men learned, not only basic cleanliness and hygiene, and morality, but the disciplines of philosophy, religion, morality, astronomy, geometry, architecture, medicine, writing, and speaking. It was from Africa that all of these philosophies and ideas came, and no where else! But you will never hear a white man profess this because he cannot profess the truth!

The truth defies his very nature.

In creating a new black race and seeking to emerge from this seemingly perpetual Dark Age, this era of decadence (which, since our emergence is inevitable, we shall), it is most important that we possess a firm understanding of our ancestral roots and of the collective efforts of and the cultural accomplishments of these magnificent individuals whom we call our forebearers. In seeking to progress a culture, nothing is so imperative as awareness (and, firm awareness at that) of one's racial genealogy. It is in our history that we locate and unearth the gifts and inspirations that our forebearers, unbeknownst to us, bequeathed upon us at their passing. It is from knowledge of our history that we feed ourselves and form our identity, our character, and our perception of self. Never in any other area has the Western man been so ardent as in denial of our history. History is crucial. The Western man has superseded actual history with nefarious fabricated myths and lies. Our ancestors have left their footprints in every corner of Africa, erecting the pyramids of Kemet, the Black Land (and in her probable predecessor, Sudan), temples in Mali, castles in Ethiopia. Africa, North, South, East, and West is the natural domain and enviornment of the black man. All others who occupy her soil today are intruders and invaders, not natural denizens. It hurts the Western man most that our ancestors left their footprints across Europe, colonizing Greece, building Stonehenge, conquering Spain (both by Hannibal and by the Moors who came long after him), and planting the seeds of civilization that have sprouted the great Western beast that now so ironically seeks to devour and annihalate the very master that is responsible for its existence.

To put forth a black thought is to examine the situation of the white supremacist power structure that underlies virutally all transpirations in the United States and the surrounding buffer states of the Western Empire. It is to understand how this structure was so thoroughly and efficaciously engineered and designed so that it has deliberately rendered the black races in all corners of the world debilitated and lost. To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why is it that implicit bias tests reveal most Caucasians bear a moderate dislike for blacks?" To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why is it that even many of our own black brothers and sisters have a preference for Caucasians?" To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why does the white man obsess over my intelletual abilities or a supposed lack thereof?" To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why has the Western man found it so imperative and crucial to erase the black man from the pages of history, even in the black man's own backyard, with such obsessive fervor?" To put forth a black thought is to ask, "Why are all of the nations of my people so impoverished in spite of their vast resources that the West seems to be making great use of?" But thinking black cannot be satisfied by mere philosophizing. Thinking black must be manifested, it must be incarnated.

Here, we shall incarnate...a black thought.

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