Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bronze Beauty

How may one shine with such radiance?
Exuding the brilliance of all the stars
A display of nature defined by excellence
Crimson magnificence glowing beyond Mars

How audacious that you dare transcend Earth itself
In possession of such natural splendor
Almost criminal you should consider yourself
For in your light, plain she is rendered

Though criminal your act, nature herself makes you fair
Usurper to Natures throne, all submit to your graces
The rains and winds yield readily, none will dare
For in your dominion their love wraps like laces

How the Universe came to revolve around such beauty
How one visage altered the orbits of planets and stars
Black holes opened, if only to absorb the view
The value of this sacred bronze enough to incite wars

A single face has commanded the will of all the world
With Christ-like adulation all follow in obedience
In your benevolence you abound them with jewels and pearls
In your beauty they worship, their swollen hearts need no fence

In your heart and hand, sovereignty must lie
For under the faultless leader, our universe shall follow
Perfect you are---your beauty shall never die
Immortalized you are, words otherwise ring hollow

Pierced is ones heart at the shot of your eyes
For the bearing of your soul encompasses the skies
Though noble and gracious, your heart is so strong
Its very beat quakes the Earth far long

What is it that has infatuated so many?
And enslaved countless souls who crown you Idolized Queen?
The rich bronze, travestied by the simple penny
Your bronze is pure---the purest, most sacred of the Universe

In such a countenance there lies truth
In its purest and most original form
In this visage we can find purity
In this, we will find sanctity

Some beauty is sacred

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  1. i read this and felt as though this was my blessing today, Beautiful composition!!